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✅ Relieving taxpayers with a historic $650 million tax cut
✅ Paying down billions in debt to save taxpayers $450 million per year, every year
✅ Fighting for affordable healthcare
✅ Defending abortion rights and reproductive healthcare
✅ Expanding and preserving voting rights, like Early Voting and No-Excuse Absentee Balloting
✅ Passing common sense gun safety laws that save lives
✅ Keeping Connecticut safe during a global pandemic and supporting schools and businesses as they safely reopened and recovered


Ned Lamont

A business owner and entrepreneur - Governor Ned Lamont prioritized Connecticut's fiscal health. He turned deficits into surpluses–paying down our debt and delivering the largest tax cut in state history. He invested in schools, infrastructure, and public safety. And upheld Connecticut values by enacting paid family medical leave, raising the minimum wage, passing common sense gun safety laws, and protecting the right to choose.

For the first time in over 80 years, Connecticut has a Governor who began his career as a business owner and job creator. Governor Ned Lamont started a family and launched a successful business in our state because he believes in Connecticut: hard work, dedication, and neighbors looking out for one another.

Now, as Governor, he’s rolling out the welcome mat for more families and even more businesses to call Connecticut home — with lower taxes, more job opportunities, stronger schools, historic budget surpluses, and a pandemic recovery that is unmatched nationally.

Ned brings his business experience to work every day as Governor, constantly finding more ways for the state to attract new innovative companies and spur more job creation.

Ever since he started his career, Governor Lamont has focused on giving back to those in need. He ran a local newspaper, served in local office, volunteered as a high school teacher in Bridgeport, stood up for his convictions as a U.S. Senate candidate against Joe Lieberman and the war in Iraq in 2006, and served on the boards of Mercy Corps and the Conservation Services Group.

Ned has fought for Connecticut values, and he’s delivered meaningful results.

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Lt. Governor

Susan Bysiewicz

Throughout her public service, Susan has fought for reproductive freedoms, honored veterans, and invested in the workforce and small businesses. As former Secretary of the State, State Legislator, and an attorney, she helped create thousands of jobs and give businesses access to capital. As Lt. Governor, she advocated for pay equity, a $15 minimum wage, and paid family medical leave.

Susan Bysiewicz is currently serving her first term as Connecticut’s 109th Lieutenant Governor.

Susan’s top priority is growing good-paying jobs and investing in education and job training. As the Chair of the Governor’s Council on Women and Girls. Also, she has fought for pay-equity, reproductive freedoms, and gender equality.

Susan was a leading voice for Connecticut residents and small businesses while she served as Secretary of the State from 1999 to 2011. As Secretary of the State, she helped thousands of businesses grow, registered thousands of voters, cut bureaucratic red tape, honored veterans, and fought to keep elections fair.

As a state representative in the Connecticut General Assembly, representing the towns of Middletown, Middlefield, and Durham, Bysiewicz wrote legislation to ban dangerous “drive-through” mastectomies and ensure that women being treated for breast cancer had proper care. She wrote the law to ban lobbyists from giving gifts to legislators.

As a business lawyer and a job creator, she has helped over sixty companies access millions of dollars in capital, expand their businesses, and create thousands of jobs in Connecticut.

Susan was raised as the proud granddaughter of immigrants who came to Connecticut from Poland and Greece with nothing but hopes for a better future. After many years of factory work, they saved enough to buy a farm in Middletown that became Bysiewicz’s childhood home. Growing up and working on the farm, she and her siblings learned the values of hard work, education, and persistence.

A graduate of Middletown High School, Yale University and Duke Law School, Susan is the author of Ella: A Biography of Ella Grasso, Connecticut’s 83rd governor.

Bysiewicz and her husband David Donaldson reside in Middletown.

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Fighting for CT Values

US Senator

Richard Blumenthal

No matter how big or powerful the special interest or lawbreaker, protecting Connecticut’s people is always Senator Blumenthal’s top priority and purpose. He's taken on big oil companies to end price gouging, fought to lower prescription drug costs and wrote the bill to give women–not government–the right to make their own health care decisions.

Senator Richard Blumenthal has always been fearless in standing up for the people of Connecticut, no matter how powerful the foe.

As Connecticut’s Senator since 2010, he has taken on the pharmaceutical companies to champion legislation capping the total cost any senior citizen has to pay for prescription drugs, and finally forcing drug companies to negotiate lower prescription prices with Medicare.

Senator Blumenthal has fought the big oil companies. He has pushed to end the billions of dollars they receive in windfall profits and tax giveaways. And as gas prices rose in the last year, he took on President Biden, personally urging him to release oil from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve, which the President then did. Senator Blumenthal has also led the fight to hold big oil companies accountable for their profiteering. Now gas prices are going down.

Senator Blumenthal is a relentless champion for women, repeatedly fighting for the right of women, not government, to make their own health care decisions. Anticipating the disastrous Supreme Court decision overturning Roe, he introduced the Women’s Health Protection Act — to make Roe the law of the land. He will continue to lead the fight against Republican attempts to pass a nationwide abortion ban.

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for Secretary of the State

Stephanie Thomas

A small business owner and legislator, Stephanie Thomas has worked to expand voter ballot access and end the business startup tax. Choosing good policy over politics, she will protect our democracy, stand up for voting rights and strengthen civic education and engagement. If elected, Stephanie would be the first woman of color to lead this office.

Stephanie Thomas is the Democratic candidate for Secretary of the State. She is a small business owner who has spent three decades advising and problem-solving for nonprofit organizations. Stephanie was elected as State Representative of Norwalk, Wilton, and Westport in 2020, flipping that seat from Republican to Democrat. As Vice-Chair of the Government Administration and Elections Committee, Stephanie sponsored and helped pass a variety of voter-focused bills such as automatic voter registration and resolutions to advance early voting and no-excuse absentee ballot voting. Stephanie is running to help protect voting rights and strengthen civic education in Connecticut.

Stephanie is running for Secretary of the State because she believes that we are at an inflection point and a change in direction is needed. To renew trust in our political process and our elections, Stephanie believes that the next Secretary must redefine the role to include a focus on civic education and engagement for children and adults, prioritize outreach to the community and the professionals who run our elections, and work with the executive and legislative branches to match resources to our value that voting is our most fundamental right. Stephanie believes that she has the experience, work ethic, and passion necessary to create a path to a less divisive and more democratic future.

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Why I'm Running

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for Treasurer

Erick Russell

As Treasurer, attorney Erick Russell will ensure Connecticut responsibly manages its debt and protects its bond rating. He will strengthen and fund our pension funds, for the future. Erick will also promote strong governance practices, ensuring our state’s investments reflect our values, while focusing on financial and economic stability for all.

As Treasurer, attorney Erick Russell will ensure Connecticut responsibly manages its debt and protects its bond rating. He will strengthen and fund our pension funds, for the future. Erick will also promote strong governance practices, ensuring our state’s investments reflect our values, while focusing on financial and economic stability for all.
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Every Dollar Counts

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for Comptroller

Sean Scanlon

Sean is running for State Comptroller to look out for taxpayers and make Connecticut more affordable for all. As a legislator, Sean championed budget and health care reform by passing the largest tax cut in state history, reforming our unemployment system and paying down debt. He also passed laws that cap insulin costs, require mental health coverage, and create transparency for prescription drug prices.

Sean is running for State Comptroller to ensure that Connecticut is more affordable for working families and small businesses. As chair of the legislature's Finance Committee, Sean passed the largest tax cut in state history, reformed our unemployment system and helped pay down our debt. While Chair of the Insurance Committee, he passed landmark laws protecting people with pre-existing conditions, prohibiting mental health discrimination and capping the cost of insulin.

As State Comptroller, Sean will:

• Make sure we continue our fiscal turnaround by passing balanced budgets, paying down our debt and building up our budget reserves
• Protect taxpayer dollars by scrutinizing our state budget to realize savings and government efficiencies
• Stand up to special interests and lead the fight to lower health insurance and prescription drug costs

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Attorney General

William Tong

Attorney General Tong works every day to protect Connecticut families. He forced Eversource to pay over $100 million for their failed storm response, led price-fixing litigation against Big Pharma, and is investigating social media sites to stop their harmful influence on kids. And he led his fellow Attorneys General in the opioid and addiction crisis fight, recovering over $40 billion for treatment and prevention.

Attorney General Tong works every day to protect Connecticut families. He forced Eversource to pay over $100 million for their failed storm response, led price-fixing litigation against Big Pharma, and is investigating social media sites to stop their harmful influence on kids. And he led his fellow Attorneys General in the opioid and addiction crisis fight, recovering over $40 billion for treatment and prevention.
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US Representative, CT-01

John Larson

John is a proud product of public housing, public education, and public service. As Social Security’s #1 champion in Congress, he will stop at nothing to protect and expand this program. John knows how difficult it can be to make ends meet and has led the fight against inflation by capping out of pocket drug costs and strengthening American manufacturing.

For John, it’s an incredible honor and privilege to serve the people of Connecticut’s 1st District. John grew up in a public housing project called Mayberry Village with his seven brothers and sisters, and is fond of saying he is a proud product of public housing, public education, and public service.

John started in public service as a history teacher in East Hartford, before being elected to the school board, and subsequently serving on the Town Council. He was then elected to the Connecticut State Senate, where he led the passage of both the first state Family and Medical Leave law in the country, and the first state law codifying the right to an abortion.

Now, as U.S. Representative for Connecticut’s First Congressional District, John continues to fight for families like his own growing up – families who are doing their best to make ends meet and ensure their kids can have a better life. Most recently, John led the fight to bring down costs and fight inflation by capping out of pocket drug costs for seniors, strengthening American manufacturing with provisions requiring key industries MAKE IT IN AMERICA, and lowering health insurance premiums for families, saving the average Connecticut resident on the health care exchange more than $1,600!

As Chair of the House Ways and Means Subcommittee on Social Security, John is Congress’ #1 champion for the program. His landmark legislation, the Social Security 2100 Act - A Sacred Trust, would expand benefits, fix the COLA to reflect the true needs of seniors, and ensure no one who pays into the system retires into poverty. Additionally, this bill repeals harmful provisions that cut benefits for public servants and strengthens the Trust Fund by ensuring those making more than $400,000 pay into the system like everyone else. Republicans are once again telegraphing their plans to go after Social Security - whether it’s Rick Scott’s plan to end Social Security after five years or the Republican Study Committee plan to raise the retirement age. That won’t happen on John’s watch.

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US Representative, CT-02

Joe Courtney

Since his election to the U.S. House of Representatives in 2006, Joe Courtney has served as an independent voice and tireless advocate for eastern Connecticut. Sent to Washington during the most trying economic period in a generation, Joe has fought to protect jobs in the region and to expand opportunities for Connecticut businesses.

From his first day in office as the Congressman from the 2nd District in 2007, Joe has kept his focus squarely on the needs of eastern Connecticut. Joe’s first challenge was to reverse years of decline at the Electric Boat shipyard, which was on the verge of massive layoffs when he took office in 2007. He won a seat on the House Armed Services Committee and, working with Democrats and Republicans alike, secured $588 million to start building two new submarines a year.

Now Joe is the chairman of the influential Seapower and Projection Forces Subcommittee which oversees all submarine and ship construction programs—and the first Connecticut official to serve at this capacity since 1848 and a critical post for a region like ours.

Joe’s work, however, goes well beyond submarines. He’s been a leader in reducing the cost of college education, expanding vocational education programs to support our manufacturing sector, bolstering our region’s farmers, and supporting our veterans. A longtime advocate for improving access to affordable health care, he’s worked to lower the cost of healthcare by helping to pass legislation eliminating surprise medical bills, and has enhanced access to opioid and mental health treatment with federal appropriations for our region’s hospitals and clinical services.

The title Joe holds most dear, however, is that of husband to his wife, Audrey, a pediatric nurse practitioner, and father to his children, Robert and Elizabeth. When he’s not traveling across eastern Connecticut or golfing, Joe can most often be found at home with his family, reading or watching the UConn Huskies and the Boston Red Sox.

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US Representative, CT-03

Rosa DeLauro

Rosa DeLauro is fighting high prices and high taxes.
Born into a proud Italian-American family in Wooster Square, Rosa quickly learned the value of hard work—and she saw that she had to be willing to take on powerful corporations and their lobbyists.
Rosa’s grandmother ran a pastry shop, Canestri’s, while her parents worked in insurance and in a sweatshop to put food on the table. That shared experience has motivated her to fight every day and deliver for working families in Congress.

The tax burden on Connecticut families is too high.
It’s time for corporations and the wealthiest to pay their fair share: that means a minimum tax on any corporation that turns a profit, a wealth tax on billionaires, and raising taxes on any American company that moves jobs overseas.

Rosa DeLauro wrote the Child Tax Credit Law, the largest ever single-year tax cut for families with children, to help folks deal with the high cost of raising kids. She also passed the new law that cut the cost of health care premiums, prescription drugs and energy.

Corporations are keeping prices artificially high—forcing families to deal with increased costs while making record profits. Rosa DeLauro voted to pass the first-ever federal law against corporate price gouging which would stop the exploitation of the middle class by corporations.

When there was talk of outsourcing the building of the presidential helicopters, Rosa DeLauro stopped it cold. She made sure that those helicopters were built by our hard-working neighbors at Sikorsky. She followed that with funding for CH-53, Combat Rescue and Blackhawk helicopters, helping to protect and create more good paying jobs.

In Congress, Rosa DeLauro has:
- Stopped the outsourcing of jobs through unfair trade deals
- Worked to give local police the resources to hire more officers and keep us safe
- Secured millions to address the baby formula shortage and is holding people accountable so this never happens again
- Pushed presidential administrations to negotiate lower drug prices for Medicare
- Provided critical aid for shuttered venues, small businesses that lost revenue and child care centers at risk of closing

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US Representative, CT-04

Jim Himes

Jim Himes is a fighter for CT working families. He works to ensure healthcare remains affordable and accessible, combat gun violence, address climate change, keep our country safe, and fights to protect a woman’s right to choose.

• Invested in American high tech and manufacturing
• Delivered local infrastructure funding, created jobs, and improved Connecticut’s economy
• Created jobs by ensuring small businesses have access to critical resources for growth
• Lowered the cost of prescription drugs by allowing Medicare to negotiate drug prices
• Made the largest investment ever to fight climate change
• Expanded healthcare eligibility for veterans exposed to toxins
• Supports universal background checks and a ban on assault weapons to make our communities safer
• Works tirelessly to protect a woman’s right to choose and stands firmly against the Republican plan to ban abortion nationwide.
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US Representative, CT-05

Jahana Hayes

Whether Congresswoman Hayes is fighting to mitigate food insecurity, passing new laws to protect our veterans or enacting common sense solutions to prevent gun violence, she has made it clear that she will leave no one behind. Re-elect Congresswoman Hayes on November 8th so that she can continue to do the work of the 5th Congressional District of Connecticut.

Jahana Hayes is the U.S. Representative for the Fifth Congressional District of Connecticut. Hayes was elected in November 2018. She is the first African-American Congresswoman from Connecticut, and this is her first public office. A high school teacher, Hayes first garnered widespread notoriety when she was named National Teacher of the Year in 2016 by President Barack Obama. In her capacity as National Teacher of the Year, Hayes traveled the country and the world engaging public education stakeholders in policy discussions meant to improve outcomes for students.

Congresswoman Hayes currently sits on the full House committees of Education and Labor, and Agriculture. Her areas of legislative focus are equitable access to quality education, affordable health care for everyone, food security, labor, agriculture, and the environment. She has been a fierce advocate of immigration reform, improving access to quality education, protecting reproductive health care rights, expanding workforce development programs, transportation & infrastructure improvements, and working in a bipartisan way to bring positive change to the lives of every person in our community.

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